When the world turns green: A green day in Israel

Greening Israel will soon be a thing of the past.

The world is about to turn green in Israel.

A green Israel.

That is what the country’s greening advocates are hoping for.

Greening is a new term coined by the countrys Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MEIR) and is intended to signal a more environmentally friendly, more productive and sustainable future.

It is meant to bring about a shift in Israeli mindset toward the environment and toward energy consumption, as well as to help the country to become energy independent and achieve an energy-efficient economy.

Israelis are accustomed to thinking of themselves as green, especially in the wake of a long, hard-fought war against Hamas and its terror organization, the Islamic Resistance Movement.

But for the first time in decades, the green energy agenda is being discussed in the media and discussed in public forums.

Israel is already known for its environmental standards.

However, the new green-minded agenda is intended for the entire country.

The government is also pushing to reduce the country´s dependence on foreign oil, and its dependence on imported fossil fuels.

A new energy-efficiency plan will make it possible to produce renewable energy from a number of different sources, including solar and wind power.

The country´ s energy needs have grown rapidly since the war in Gaza.

There are now more than 50 million people in Israel, who are dependent on the country for basic needs, like heating and food.

Israel has an annual energy consumption of about 10 billion liters.

That amount of energy is enough to power 1.5 million homes.

But it also requires more than 3 million metric tons of greenhouse gases to produce each year.

The ministry says that the greening agenda will help the government to develop an environmentally sustainable economy, while ensuring the energy security of the country.

In a press conference on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Greening will be our future.

Greening will become our energy.

It will become part of our future.”

He added, “We will build a sustainable economy that is environmentally friendly and that is clean, that is sustainable.

And we will get green.”

It will be a very different Israeli future than what the world has been living with for decades.

The greening campaign is taking place in different parts of Israel, with the goal of making the country energy independent by 2020.

The first phase of the project involves installing solar panels and wind turbines.

In the next phase, the government plans to convert the existing power plants into renewable energy.

The goal is to completely replace coal-fired power plants with renewable energy generation by 2030.

The new green agenda will be the culmination of years of work and commitment from all sectors of the Israeli economy.

Israel was able to achieve the first greening goal because of the support of the energy ministry and the help of the Green Party, the third largest political party in the country, which won 16 percent of the vote in the April election.

The Green Party also plans to support initiatives to expand green energy.

The Ministry of Agriculture, which is part of the MEIR, and the Ministry of Health, which are responsible for environmental regulation, will also be involved in the green campaign.

The announcement was made at the opening of the Ministry for Sustainable Development in Israel´s capital, Tel Aviv, which also included the signing of a green energy agreement between the ministry and companies.

The green energy initiative is being backed by the government and by the companies.

The goal is that by 2020, the country will have an energy efficiency of 70 percent, which will be achieved in just one year.

In 2020, a green power plant will produce enough electricity to power about 1.4 million homes, according to the ministry.

The energy ministry expects the first phase will produce about 70 percent of Israel´ s annual electricity demand.

It is hoped that by 2030, the number of power plants will be reduced to 25.

The total amount of electricity produced by the green power plants would be equivalent to more than 1 million megawatts, enough to supply the country with 1.1 million megawatt hours of power, enough for 1,500 homes.

The minister also announced the signing yesterday of a contract with a German company, Green Power, for the conversion of two coal-burning power plants in the Negev desert into renewable sources of energy.

This agreement, signed last year, will provide the first step towards a national energy transformation that is not dependent on foreign countries.


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