What’s a lemon? – An

from The Globe and Mail article An article by Lenny Lemon (left) and Paul Lemon.

Source The GlobeAndMail.com/Lenny LemonLenny and Paul have a long and storied history of running the Lemon Drop restaurant in Halifax.

The couple started Lemon Drop in 1989 when Paul was living in Toronto.

Their daughter Lenny (left), then 16, is the youngest child in the family and was brought up in the restaurant.

They’ve been at the table most days for the past 25 years.

Paul’s parents were former Halifax police officers, and Lenny was a paramedic before joining the police force.

The restaurant is now the first lemon restaurant in the province.

Paul says he’d like to open his own lemon bar.

He says the lemon bar will be the place to go if you want a good-quality, delicious lemon soup.

“If you’re a customer who’s looking for that, you’ll know exactly what to order,” he says.

“I don’t want to take the cake, but it’ll be something that people can go out and enjoy.”

Paul says Lemon Drop is a family business and they are proud of their customers.

“It’s a family operation, so we’re trying to be family-friendly, and the customer will come back for more,” he said.

Paul Lemon, the father of the restaurant, with his daughter Linnie.

They were originally from Toronto.

They moved to Halifax when Paul went to work for the RCMP.

(CBC) “The lemon is something that we take very seriously.

We take pride in having a lemon, and we’re very happy to have that, but we’re also not trying to take a slice of pie.”

He says they’re a bit of a classic, if a bit more subtle, version of a lemon bar, with a little bit of twist.

“We don’t have a whole lot of lemon, but the lemon is definitely the star here.”

He notes that the flavours are different than the ones that you might find in a restaurant.

“The best way to describe it is that the lemon will be more tart than the lemon,” he explains.

“But the lemon, if you’re looking for a slightly more complex flavour, there’s a lot more to that.”

Paul Lemon’s father, Paul Lemon Sr., says he’s proud of the LemonDrop experience.

(Bryan Frantz/CBC) Lemon Drop opened on a Thursday in March of 2018.

Its first day of business was a success.

The staff were all very excited to be in business, and they had a very good time.

Paul remembers one customer that ordered two slices of the same lemon soup as they were preparing it.

“They had a really good experience and we were very happy,” he remembers.

“She ended up with a lemon.”

Paul has been working in the police service for the last 18 years, but he says he would love to open a lemon restaurant himself.

“You never know how many people will come and try Lemon Drop and say, ‘I like the lemon soup but I don’t like the service,'” he said, adding that the staff members were happy and welcoming.

The Lemon Drop family has become a part of the community.

Paul said they’ve been to a number of different communities, but his favourite is in Halifax because it’s a small, quiet community and they have lots of family members.

He’s also passionate about the lemon as a whole.

“There’s a little thing called lemon and a lot of things that come along with lemon,” Paul said.

“A lot of people will have a little lemon and say something nice about it, and that’s nice.

That’s a great thing.”

A view of the building.

(Lenny & Paul Lemon/Facebook) The LemonDrop website says LemonDrop offers a full menu of fresh, handcrafted, delicious and seasonal fresh lemon soup with a variety of flavours and toppings, with an emphasis on flavour.

The website also lists the prices of different kinds of food at LemonDrop.

Paul and Lizzy Lemon are now looking to expand the lemon offering and offer fresh, seasonal food and drinks at other locations.

The owners say they want to see other lemon bars expand beyond the Halifax area.

“That’s our dream, to open up another lemon restaurant and I think it’s something we can do,” Lizzy said.


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