Why Lemon is the Best Fruit in India

Lemon is India’s most sought-after fruit, a delicacy in the country of 2.2 billion.

It is also widely used as a topping for curries and baked goods, and is considered the second most nutritious fruit in the world after the papaya.

It’s not just the fruit that makes it taste good, however.

Its bright blue color, its sweet aroma and crunchy texture make it a staple in Indian cuisine.

The sweet flavour of lemon is what sets it apart from the other fruit varieties, according to the American-born food writer and journalist Mary Meyer.

It comes from the leaves of the lemon tree.

“Lemon is the only orange that has a high concentration of tart cherries,” she says.

“The fruit itself is not an essential part of the diet, but it’s important to the process of making it.

It makes lemon a lot more delicious than most other fruits.”

The tart, fresh-squeezed orange fruit is a native of Indonesia, where it was used to make a sour cream and other sweet drinks in the past.

Its distinctive taste comes from a unique acid, and it has been described as “fresh orange juice”.

The tart orange flavour comes from its acidity, which makes it a sour fruit.

It has a tart taste and is acidic, making it good for sour cream, sauces and custards.

“If you have tart cheries and lemon, lemon’s tartness is just off the charts,” says Meyer.

“You get the acidity from cherries.

When you combine tart cherry and lemon juice, you get the tart, tart flavor.”

Lemon’s tart and acidic taste makes it particularly good in curries.

“The tartness of the tart fruit, especially the peel, makes it the perfect sour fruit for curried foods,” says the author.

The lemon tartness has also been used to create lemonade.

“When I made lemonade, I used the tart cherry peel and lemon slices and that worked great,” she explains.

“I think this is one of the things that makes the lemon tart.”

The flavour of the fruit is so distinctive, Meyer says, that a lot of people would go to great lengths to make it.

“They’d have a friend, a relative, a friend in India, who would bring them a fruit that was a little bit like lemon,” she adds.

The fruit can also be used in desserts, including lemon cakes and lemon mousse.

Meyer has also used lemon as a dessert topping, including in a yogurt.


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