Which state has the most lemon beer?

In 2018, the most popular beer in the U.S. was brewed in Louisiana.

Louisiana is home to a number of lemon beers, including the classic Lemon Dog, which is the country’s best-selling beer, according to The Beer Institute.

That means that more than half of all the beers made in the state are made with citrus.

Lemon beer, like the other craft beers, is a way to celebrate the seasonal fruits and vegetables that make up the Louisiana diet.

In fact, according the beverage institute, one in five adults in Louisiana eat fruit and vegetables.

“It’s about the holidays and eating the freshest vegetables, fruits and fruits,” said David Jernigan, a spokesperson for the craft beer company Elysian Brewing Co. “But we also like to drink a variety of flavors to add a bit of character to the beer, which also makes the beer more flavorful and a little more palatable.”

Lemon beer is one of the more affordable beers to make in the South.

According to a 2016 report from Beverage Digest, Louisiana ranked number four for craft beer production in 2016.

And the beer can be made for a much lower price than most of the other options, as the Beverage Institute reports.

Lemon Dog was sold for $11.69 at a local grocery store, according a local beer blogger.

“We got lucky with the grocery store,” said Jernigans wife, Heather, who works in retail sales at Elysian.

“The grocery store was like, ‘I’ve got some lemon beer, I’ll let you know if it’s good.’

We’re like, `Sure.'”

Jernigans wife Heather Jerniger was on a recent trip to New Orleans to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

“My husband and I are in New Orleans and we were looking for a lemon beer and it’s just like, what?”

Jernicans wife, a professional dancer, asked the bartenders.

“Oh yeah, it’s a great beer,” replied one of them.

“I love it,” Jernahan said with a smile.

“And it’s like, we’re both going to get back to work on Monday, and we’re going to start making lemon beer.”


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